Court orders DEA to stop prosecuting lawful medical marijuana operations

A federal court has ruled that the DEA is violating a federal amendment by prosecuting lawful medical marijuana patients and operations in California. As most people in Hayward know, medical marijuana is legal in California, but it is still classified as a Schedule 1 controlled substance under federal law. Consequently, there are many documented cases … Continue reading

Eyewitness identification process may lead to wrongful arrests

Studies show that the eyewitness identification process is not always reliable and flaws in the process could send innocent people to prison. In California and in states across the country, suspect lineups are often used to help eyewitnesses identify the perpetrator of a crime. As law enforcement officers organize and conduct these physical and photo … Continue reading

False confessions pose a serious threat for the accused in California

False confessions occur more frequently than many people realize, and they can have incredibly harmful ramifications for the accused. For many people in Hayward, it is challenging to imagine facing wrongful criminal accusations. It may be even harder to think of giving a false confession in response to such unfounded charges. Unfortunately, research shows that … Continue reading