Are Dui Tests Accurate

The results from field sobriety tests and breath tests used in a drunk driving investigation are not always 100-percent accurate. It is no secret that the state of California cracks down hard on drivers who operate vehicles while intoxicated. Certainly, this makes sense as the facts are clear that when drunk, a person is unable … Continue reading

Bay Area officer may face liability in “dirty DUI” scheme

A California police officer may face civil liability for his alleged involvement in a “dirty DUI” scheme, which was purportedly waged by a private investigator against a client’s estranged husband in an effort to tarnish the man’s reputation. As reported by Courthouse News, the scheme involved setting up the husband by recruiting women to ply … Continue reading

Bill takes aim at California’s high rate of life sentences

California has the highest rate of prisoners serving life in the country, but a new bill could change that. California may have a reputation for being a liberal state, but when it comes to incarceration rates it is anything but lenient. As PBS reports, California has, along with Utah, the highest percentage of state and … Continue reading

California bill would allow collection of DNA in misdemeanor cases

On behalf of Phil Schnayerson Critics say proposal undermines the will of voters following Proposition 47 Proposition 47 was recently approved by Californians as a way of bringing greater fairness to the criminal justice system. The measure reclassified six felony offenses as misdemeanors, thus reducing the punishments associated with those offenses. Now, according to the … Continue reading

California Considering Reducing Drug Possession Penalties

California lawmakers are considering legislation that would make California the 14th state in the U.S. to downgrade the severity of drug possession offenses. Believing the war on drugs has been costly and ineffective, state Sen. Mark Leno has introduced SB 1506, a bill to reduce the penalties for drug possession convictions. Many groups support the … Continue reading