What Are the Current California Drug Possession Laws?

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California is regarded as one of the more liberal states when it comes to drug possession, but it still has a few strict regulations. It is a state that allows widespread and legal recreational and medical marijuana, so there are some blurred lines when it comes to what is still legal and illegal throughout the … Continue reading

How Do I Know If I Have Committed a White-Collar Crime?

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There is a wide array of crimes that you could potentially be charged for, and many of these different crimes fall under different categories. One category of crimes is a white-collar crime. These types of crimes involve some sort of deceit, dishonesty or theft in order to achieve financial gain or security. What Are the … Continue reading

Alameda County shifts funding away from jail; focuses on rehabilitation

One county in California is looking to fund rehabilitation efforts in an effort to reduce the rate of recidivism. The debate between the benefits of rehabilitation versus incarceration is a heated one, particularly for low-level, non-violent crimes. Although California continues to have high levels of incarceration, some counties are shifting some financial support away from … Continue reading

Bill takes aim at California’s high rate of life sentences

California has the highest rate of prisoners serving life in the country, but a new bill could change that. California may have a reputation for being a liberal state, but when it comes to incarceration rates it is anything but lenient. As PBS reports, California has, along with Utah, the highest percentage of state and … Continue reading

California bill would allow collection of DNA in misdemeanor cases

On behalf of Phil Schnayerson Critics say proposal undermines the will of voters following Proposition 47 Proposition 47 was recently approved by Californians as a way of bringing greater fairness to the criminal justice system. The measure reclassified six felony offenses as misdemeanors, thus reducing the punishments associated with those offenses. Now, according to the … Continue reading