Are Dui Tests Accurate

The results from field sobriety tests and breath tests used in a drunk driving investigation are not always 100-percent accurate. It is no secret that the state of California cracks down hard on drivers who operate vehicles while intoxicated. Certainly, this makes sense as the facts are clear that when drunk, a person is unable … Continue reading

Bay Area officer may face liability in “dirty DUI” scheme

A California police officer may face civil liability for his alleged involvement in a “dirty DUI” scheme, which was purportedly waged by a private investigator against a client’s estranged husband in an effort to tarnish the man’s reputation. As reported by Courthouse News, the scheme involved setting up the husband by recruiting women to ply … Continue reading

California continues to crack down on drunk driving with “hot list” program

The California Department of Motor Vehicles is expanding on a program that provides law enforcement agencies around the state with the names of drivers who have suspended or revoked licenses. The DMV will send participating police departments a biweekly list that officers can then use to keep Californians with suspended or revoked licenses off the … Continue reading

California police aggressively targeting drunk drivers in the New Year

Many law enforcement agencies have run extensive crackdowns on drunk driving during the holidays. Motorists may have even encountered police roadblocks as they traveled throughout various cities in California. While the holidays may be over, law enforcement officers have remained committed to removing drunk drivers from state roadways. With more police on the roads and … Continue reading

Common questions about license revocation after DUI in California

After getting arrested for drinking and driving, drivers may have several questions about what will happen regarding their right to drive. In California, according to the Governors Highway Safety Association, it is illegal for drivers to operate a vehicle with a blood alcohol content level at or above 0.08. Drivers arrested for DUI face serious … Continue reading