What Are California’s Child Pornography Laws?

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California has specific laws that protect children from exploitation in pornographic materials. These laws against child pornography prohibit the producing, possessing, transporting, distributing, and selling of pornographic materials that include minors under the age of 18. The state has laws that prevent any selling or possessing of its materials. What Are the Specific California Laws … Continue reading

California considers less stringent sex offender registry laws

California’s Sex Offender Management Board has recently proposed tiered registration laws that would allow eventual deregistration for some individuals. Registration as a sex offender is one of the more serious consequences that people convicted of sex crimes in Hayward may face. Registration can harm a person’s public reputation, ability to secure housing and employment opportunities, … Continue reading

California takes new approach to sex offender housing restrictions

On behalf of Phil Schnayerson Ineffective and restrictive housing prohibitions under Jessica’s Law are loosening in California. In late March, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation attempted to address the problem of homelessness among convicted sex offenders by stating they will no longer impose strict restrictions on housing for all sex offenders. The unlikely … Continue reading