What Are the New Regulations for Legal Marijuana in California

Recreational marijuana dispensaries have been a regular occurrence in certain California cities recently, but new regulations have started to change how legal marijuana in California is being serviced. Some of the dispensaries will face different state guidelines that officially started July 1.

Cannabis products sold in California will be required to pass testing for certain molds and pesticides. Unfortunately, there has not been enough testing facilities for all of the state’s dispensaries, and so there has been a shortage of products being sold to customers. With only 20 labs in the state that are licensed to perform these tests, some dispensaries might not be fully stocked until the beginning of next year.

New regulations have also required child-proof packaging, which has limited the number of consumers wanting to buy these specific products.

Some of these dispensaries were alerted ahead of time and were able to stock up on tested cannabis products and items before the deadline. This allowed the shops to continue operating. Cannabis that is locally and organically grown, and hence does not have any pesticides, has been in high demand for these cannabis distributors.

Many dispensaries have unfortunately needed to close down and lay off their workers. The legal marijuana industry fears that cannabis customers will turn again to the black market to purchase their marijuana products. This cycle will start to hold back business from licensed businesses, and it will also decrease California’s state tax revenues.

If you are a California resident that purchases legal marijuana products, you should keep up with news regarding new laws and regulations. However, there are still ways to commit illegal marijuana-related crimes in California.  Visit our website to speak with one of our criminal defense attorneys at Garcia, Schnayerson & Thompson today for more information.

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