Why Do I Need an Attorney After Receiving a DUI on Thanksgiving?


Thanksgiving is a holiday filled with celebrations and fun times with family members and friends, but it can also be a dangerous time on the road. Many people drink alcohol and go out and party the night before Thanksgiving Day, as well as during that weekend. This means that many people are at risk for being pulled over by police for drunk driving and receiving a DUI on Thanksgiving.

How Can I Avoid a DUI?

  • Don’t drink and drive. It’s pretty simple; avoid driving if you plan on drinking the night before Thanksgiving Day or on the weekend. Find a designated driver to drive instead or consider calling a ridesharing service.
  • Ensure you’re under the legal limit. All states have a legal blood alcohol content (BAC) limit under which you are allowed to drive. In California, you can receive a DUI if your BAC percentage is .08 percent or higher as a 21-year-old, .04 percent if you are operating a commercial vehicle, and .01 percent if you are younger than 21 years old.
  • Understand your state’s laws. California also includes a restriction on medications as well as alcohol. You can’t legally drive if you have consumed illegal drugs or drugs with alcohol in them (cough syrup), prescription medication or over the counter medication.

Do I Need a DUI Attorney After My First Offense?

In California, if you are charged and/or arrested for a first DUI offense, you could be facing a wide range of penalties that are determined by several different factors. The prosecution will have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the officer who pulled you over:

  • Had a probable cause to pull you over
  • Your BAC was above the legal limit for California
  • Your arrest was lawful.

Your penalties could include a license suspension, mandatory completion of an alcohol assessment or treatment test, an ignition interlock device installation, or a restricted license. Contact an experienced DUI attorney in Alameda County who can represent you in court and reduce your penalties. Call Garcia, Schnayerson & Thompson today for a free consultation.

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