Facing Assault Charges in California?

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The tough reality about assault and most other violent crime situations is that you could be facing a large amount of jail time and other stiff penalties. These cases are often particularly sensitive in nature. They involve extensive work to paint the proper picture of what happened, and even then, you have to take everything into the proper context. If charged with a violent crime, you should work with a criminal defense lawyer who can help tell your side of the story. You need a legal defense that relies on facts and evidence to see that you are treated fairly in court.

Contact Thompson Garcia and schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case. We are based in the Bay Area and handle different types of assault and violent crime cases in Hayward, Fremont and across Alameda, Contra Costa, San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties. If you are facing assault charges, then you need lawyers trained to deal with the particulars of that case; you need lawyers who have experience in assault and battery cases. We want to hear you out and provide the best legal defense possible to clear up your situation.

What Are Different Types of Assault Charges?

Our law firm is exclusively devoted to criminal defense matters, and we handle many different types of violent crimes, including:

  • Assault, aggravated assault and assault with a deadly weapon.
  • Domestic violence (against children, parents, spouses or the elderly).
  • Gang activities, such as robberies, vandalism, violence, shootings, drugs, etc.
  • Attempted murder and murder.

Our firm takes on many cases involving domestic violence. Such cases tend to be complicated and packed full of emotion. They commonly come out of divorce, especially when there are custody disputes. False accusations or exaggerations of the circumstances are not uncommon. You need a lawyer with a clear focus and solid understanding of the law to get to the truth and achieve the best possible outcome for all interested parties.

Other types of cases our office routinely handles include general assault and battery crimes as well as juvenile offenses involving assault charges. Young people make mistakes sometimes, and they need a steady hand to help them work through the legal system and get their futures back on track.

Our lawyers also possess experience in working with murder cases and routinely handle gang violence situations that have involved shooting, assaults and murder. We have worked a large number of state and federal assault crime cases that involve drug activity as well. Our poise and knowledge of the law have served us well in making strong cases in court and getting the best possible results for our clients.

What Is Assault and Battery?

“Assault” and “assault and battery” are actually two different, distinguishable terms in the state of California. The difference is:

  • Assault is the threat or unlawful act that creates an imminent apprehension of harm or the threat of it. The mere threat of being able to do harm can result in assault charges. The state of California considers assault a misdemeanor.
  • Battery (or assault and battery) involves causing real physical harm to somebody. A person can be charged with assault and battery only if they have committed a physical assault on someone. The state of California might consider assault and battery a “wobbler,” meaning it can be a misdemeanor or felony, depending upon the circumstances.

Both charges can be confusing, and building a possible defense needs the help of an experiences Hayward assault attorney to take in all the facts, context and information. They can get either assault or assault and battery dismissed if they are able to prove that you:

  • Were incapable of doing harm to the other person.
  • Acted in self-defense or the defense of someone else.
  • Did not act of your own will or with the required intent.
  • Were wrongfully accused.

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Our office has extensive experience with cases that include allegations of gang enhancement and street terrorism. In such situations and also all criminal cases we handle, we thoroughly examine every piece of evidence and look into all potential procedural issues, including search and seizure validity, wiretapping and search warrant discrepancies. We work with the facts and evidence to build a solid case for you.

We can also assist with any immigration-related consequences that come out of charges or convictions for crimes against another person. Convictions for an assault crime against a child will likely lead to deportation, even for a misdemeanor charge of domestic violence. We can help take steps to avoid the likelihood of deportation.

Call or contact our law firm online for a free and private consultation about your case. We are available around the clock, 24 hours a day, to answer your questions and provide the information you need.