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At Thompson Garcia, we represent accused offenders in child abuse cases.

Many times in a child abuse situation, the offender is an adult in a position of authority. This can be a parent, stepparent, coach or school teacher. The close proximity to the offender and the child causes an elevated level of stress to the victim and family, and in many cases, for the accused offender.

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Thorough Investigation to Protect Your Reputation

If you are being accused of a child abuse offense, either physical or sexual, we can help you build a case. We dig through the accounts of the alleged offense from the accuser and others involved to find inconsistencies and uncover lies. We hire skilled investigators when necessary to discover the evidence the prosecutor has ignored.

Through our thorough investigation, we work to diminish the credibility of the charges and point out instances where others might be using the situation for personal gain such as custody cases.

Alameda County Lawyers Handling Child Molestation Charges

Charges brought against you may include harsh accusations, including:

  • Internet crimes involving children
  • Child pornography
  • Molestation
  • Other instances of sexual abuse

The consequences for these offenses in California are stiff. From serving lengthy prison sentences to being listed on the sex offender registry for the rest of their lives, those convicted of child abuse face penalties that will derail their lives. If you are facing such charges, you absolutely need the skill of an attorney highly experienced in these defenses.

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