Drug Charges in Alameda County

Drug charges can range from anything from marijuana possession in small amounts to major drug racketeering cases. Regardless of the level of the offense, it is important to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney to ensure that your rights are being protected and that all possible defenses are being explored.

If you have been under investigation or have been arrested and charged with any type of drug charges, please contact Garcia, Schnayerson & Thompson to schedule a free initial consultation to see how we can help you. We also have Spanish-speaking staff who can assist you.

Drug Crime and Marijuana Possession Lawyers in Hayward & Dublin California

Our criminal defense attorneys have a combined 70 years of legal experience, and we focus our practice of law exclusively on criminal defense matters. We provide representation for individuals charged in California with a variety of state and federal drug crimes:

  • Possession
  • Possession with intent to sell
  • Distribution
  • Cultivation, cultivation on federal property
  • Manufacturing (including meth labs)
  • Prescription drug fraud (abuse of prescription drugs such as OxyContin)
  • Medical marijuana cases
  • Federal or state drug conspiracy
  • Gang conspiracy
  • RICO (racketeering)

Our strategy for defending against drug charges involves finding out if there is a factual defense or a legal defense, such as suppression, that we can look at for reducing the charges down to a lesser offense. We will also explore whether diversion programs, such as Prop 36, are a viable option for avoiding jail time.

Federal drug crime cases are often more serious because there are usually mandatory minimum sentences included in the federal sentencing guides for drug crimes. Our staff works to construct a defense that takes into consideration issues, such as conspiracy, search and seizure issues and if wiretapping occurred.

We work with immigrants who have been charged with drug crimes and are likely facing deportation as a result. Our experience working with clients informs us on what steps to take to avoid deportation.

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