Charged With DUI In Hayward & Dublin Area?

Following a failed Breathalyzer test and a DUI charge, you may feel that you are left to the harsh consequences. At Thompson Garcia, we have the experience and understanding of DUI cases to help you fight the charge and minimize the penalties.

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When possible, we work to keep you out of court altogether, exploring and negotiating alternative sentences, including going to programs, being in a halfway house or weekend jail time. This helps our clients avoid the embarrassment of a courtroom exhibition. Without legal representation on your side, it is unlikely you could achieve such a discreet resolution to your case.

On many occasions, we have proven the DUI testing equipment and tests to be fallible. Through calling into question the means by which they were found to be under the influence, we have helped many clients avoid or minimize consequences of their charges.

Need A Hayward / Dublin DUI Attorney?

For first- and second-time offenders, the goal is often simply to keep the driver’s license. With a suspended driver’s license, your DUI conviction becomes much more costly, as it is increasingly difficult to get to work and earn income.

If this charge is your fourth in 10 years, the consequences become much more serious. Rather than misdemeanor charges, you are up against felony charges, lengthy prison time and a record that will follow you the rest of your life. Since the potential consequences carry such a high risk, we will tirelessly fight the charge on your behalf. We will also review the evidence against you to determine if there is a factual or legal defense, in which case we can prepare a strategy for reducing the charges to a lesser defense.

Knowledgeable California DUI Lawyers

We have experience working with immigration issues that may come into play in your case. After being charged with drug violations, you are facing a possible deportation. Suddenly the stakes are much higher. Rather than risking a deportation, turn to our skilled attorneys, experienced in immigration issues and the steps needed to avoid deportation.

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