Arrested for a Felony in California?

Dublin/Pleasanton Felony Defense Attorneys Can Mitigate Risk

Your future can be negatively impacted by a felony conviction in a multitude of ways. You may find it difficult to find future employment, vote, take out a loan or secure education grants. In addition, you can become ineligible for certain licensing, gun ownership, food share and other benefits. Worse, if you have two prior felony convictions, your third can result in a substantial prison sentence. This is due to California’s much debated and evolving Three Strike Rule. If you are facing felony charges in Alameda County or anywhere in California, contact our Hayward felony defense attorneys.

The Alameda County felony defense attorneys at Thompson Garcia have been defending people against felony allegations for decades. Ultimately, our goal is to prevent the charges against you defining the rest of your life. We can work to build a strong defense that protects your interests. With a team of experts, we can scrutinize the evidence against you. No matter the details of your alleged crime, we have reliable strategies that can help mitigate the risk of conviction.

What Does a California Felony Crime Attorney Do?

An attorney is necessary if you want to have any hope of beating the charges against you. To avoid conviction in felony charges, our Hayward felony defense lawyers will challenge intent. This is because intent is a commonly used prosecution strategy. First, our Alameda attorney can build a narrative that highlights facts that challenge intent. Afterward, we can scrutinize evidence and speak with witnesses. If you are charged with a felony crime in California, our firm can help with:

  • Proactive Intervention: Our Hayward felony defense attorneys know that the California court can react favorably to pretrial intervention. Since this is the case, our Hayward felony defense law firm can advise you on actions that may exonerate you.
  • Keeping Your Record Clean: Having a felony offense on your permanent record can hurt you in a variety of ways. Fortunately, many criminal offenses can be sealed or dismissed from your record. For instance, California Penal Code 1203.4 states you have the right to file a petition to expunge charges. If successful, this petition can protect future employers or creditors from knowing about your conviction.

What Crimes Are Felonies?

Almost any crime can result in a felony conviction. Usually, the court will take some issues into consideration to determine what crime is a felony. For instance, the judge may consider your previous record. For this reason, it is important you contact Hayward defense attorneys as soon as possible. A Hayward criminal defense attorney can investigate if your rights have been violated during your arrest. Depending on certain details, charges can be dropped if this is the case. However, if they cannot be dropped, we can work to reduce your felony to a lesser offense. Some examples of common crimes that can result in a felony conviction include:

  • DUI: Some people believe that a DUI, OWI or DWI is limited to a misdemeanor offense. However, even a first-time offense could be prosecuted as a felony charge.
  • Theft: Theft can take many forms. For example, robbery, shoplifting and burglary. For these felony charges to stick, prosecutors must establish intent. Our Hayward felony defense attorneys can work to establish an intent that can protect you.
  • Assault and Battery: You can be charged with felony assault and/or domestic violence charges even if no physical contact occurs. If contact is established, then you can face a more severe battery charge.

Felony Charges? Contact Hayward Attorneys for Free Consultation

Have you discovered that there is an investigation against you? Is some entity alleging you have been involved in a crime that could be considered a felony? Regrettably, felony charges have a high conviction rate. Therefore, you should use every legal right you have to defend yourself. Do not gamble with your future by settling for a court-appointed public defender. Contact Hayward felony defense attorneys that can make sure these allegations do not define your life.

At Garcia, Schnayerson & Thompson, our success stems from our decades of experience in handling felony crimes. Our legal team knows that the allegations against you might require immediate attention. For this reason, our Hayward criminal defense law firm offers a free consultation. Furthermore, our English and Spanish speaking staff are available 24 hours a day. At no cost to you, we can review the details of your arrest and let you know if we can help. Contact Thompson Garcia through our website or call our office at 510-782-7580.