Experienced Marijuana Cultivation Defense Lawyers

As the laws surrounding possession and use of marijuana change, many simply misstep while exercising their rights. Confusion and distribution rules and penalties are common, and many people find themselves caught in the middle as legal casualties of a political argument.At Thompson Garcia, we can help you as you face marijuana and drug charges. Deeply familiar with the laws and guidelines governing this area of law, we remain abreast of changes and developments. This understanding allows us to interpret to the clients what it means to their case and enables us to develop a sophisticated defense against the charges brought against them.To discuss your case and your defense, contact our lawyers online or call 510-782-7580.

Penalties for WEED in California

The consequences of a drug possession conviction, however, are serious. Without legal assistance, you could face penalties from jail time to costly fines, ranging from minimal $100 fines to lengthy prison sentences. Without skilled legal defense, you are likely facing the full brunt of California law. Do not risk it.

Our firm maintains a high level of respect with judges and prosecutors, and our cases generally move smoothly through the court system. We will direct you down the appropriate avenues of defense and work to minimize penalties.

We are prepared to represent your case with a comprehensive defense that covers the details of your specific situation. We call upon relevant legal details such as Proposition 215, the Compassionate Use Act, and the laws and statutes surrounding medical marijuana use.

Charged With Marijuana Cultivation? Contact Our Alameda County Attorneys.

If you have been charged with the cultivation of Pot and illegal substances without the proper license, we can help you prepare a variety of defenses to protect your rights.

When preparing your case, we will look at how the search and seizure occurred. We will determine if the search was legal and if it met probable cause standards.

If medical marijuana use issues are relevant in your situation, we are skilled at integrating those details into your defense, using them to minimize charges or prove that your legitimate cultivation and use simply did not meet protocol.

For a free and private consultation to discuss your case with our experienced Hayward & Dublin marijuana cultivation defense attorneys, please contact Thompson Garcia