Arrested for Misdemeanor in Alameda County?

Dublin/Pleasanton Misdemeanor Defense Attorneys Can Mitigate Risk

Some people think that a misdemeanor conviction will not involve serious penalties. However, even a first-time misdemeanor conviction can result in a year of jail time. Common California crimes like shoplifting, disorderly conduct, probation violations and petty theft are just some possible misdemeanor offenses. These allegations can be serious especially if prosecutors trump up charges to a felony. Our Hayward misdemeanor defense attorneys can build a defense that can mitigate your risk and protect your interests.

The Alameda County attorneys at Thompson Garcia believe a misdemeanor should not define the rest of your life. Our California criminal defense law firm knows that sometimes good people are involved in unfortunate situations. Whether there was a bad decision or a case of mistaken identity, our Hayward misdemeanor defense attorneys can help. In addition, if you are facing a felony charge, we can file a motion to reduce. In some cases, we can have your conviction removed from your record.

What Is a Motion to Reduce Felony to Misdemeanor?

Sometimes, a motion can be filed to reduce a felony conviction to a misdemeanor. A California criminal defense attorney can argue to reduce charges in a formal hearing. Our Hayward misdemeanor defense attorneys can highlight positive facts about you during the hearing. However, a judge will also consider any negative factors if they do exist. For this reason, our Hayward misdemeanor defense lawyers may recommend pretrial programs to mitigate your risk of incarceration. In general, the best way to reduce a felony is to have a well-drafted motion that covers many issues. Some matters a judge will consider when you request to reduce a felony to misdemeanor involve:

  • Context: A judge will consider the circumstances around the commission of your crime. For instance, if there is little personal injury, this can work favorably for your motion.
  • Probation: When you comply with terms of probation, this can look favorable. For example, paying restitution can benefit your motion.
  • Type of Crime: The type of criminal offense you are alleged to have committed can impact a motion. For example, if your offense is a “wobbler” (in between misdemeanor and felony) you have a chance of reducing a conviction. DUI with injury, grand theft, fraud, domestic violence and other charges are common wobbler offenses.
  • Criminal Record: Not only will your prior criminal record be considered, but also your education background. Therefore, you are more likely to reduce felony charges if you have no criminal record.

When Do I Need a Misdemeanor Defense Attorney?

Immediately after you have been charged or arrested, contact a Hayward misdemeanor defense attorney. An experienced Alameda county lawyer can mitigate the risk of conviction by scrutinizing evidence. Additionally, a California criminal defense attorney can determine if your rights have already been violated. If this is the case, we can offer immediate defense options to dismiss charges. If this is not possible, we can work to reduce the allegations against you. This is a viable option if you have a wobbler offense.

If you are convicted for a wobbler, you might be given a probationary sentence. You are still eligible to have your conviction reduced as long as you are not sentenced to state prison. Furthermore, you can pursue a certificate of rehabilitation for added relief. For example, you may be able to get a pardon from the state governor if you are certifiably rehabilitated. If our Hayward misdemeanor defense attorneys are successful, you can pursue options to clear your name.

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Do you believe your rights have been violated and need immediate representation? Looking for ways to reduce a felony conviction? Want to try to expunge the charges against you from your permanent record? Because of California’s three strike laws, even a misdemeanor offense can create difficulties. The more offenses of any kind you have, the harsher the courts can be. Even a first-time misdemeanor offense can start a downward spiral of court presupposition. If you need reliable criminal defense representation, contact our Hayward misdemeanor defense attorneys now.

At Thompson Garcia, we know that even misdemeanor offenses can result in life-altering consequences. For this reason, we offer a free initial consultation. In addition, our English and Spanish speaking staff are available 24 hours day. Do not gamble with your future by settling on a public defender. Retain the services of a misdemeanor law firm with a proven track record. Contact our Hayward misdemeanor defense lawyers online or call our office at 510-782-7580 today.