Rape Defense Lawyers in Hayward & Dublin CA

At Thompson Garcia of California, we seek to represent your interests as you are facing one of the harshest accusations in the legal system. While dangerous predators do lurk, there are many unjustly accused, and we fight to protect their reputation and rights to fair trial.

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In defending sexual offense and rape charges, we question the validity of the accusing witness through thorough investigation of the individual’s statements and credibility. Rape accusations can stem from interpersonal disputes or attempts at revenge for previous conflict. We will challenge the charge, providing our own detailed explanation of the situation.

In reviewing the search and seizure process of evidence used by the prosecution, we will have evidence removed that cannot legally be used against you. Also, there is a variety of analysis we can run, from our own tests of all scientific, technical and forensically gathered evidence to evaluations by psychological experts.

Alameda County Attorneys Handling Rape Charges

Rape and sex crimes charges, including date rape, are not to be taken lightly. Many carry harsh minimum sentences coupled with a lifelong placement on sex offender registries. Many consider these registries the harshest aspect of a conviction, forever damaging an offender’s reputation and ability to gain employment or housing. We understand the profound impact this registry has on your day-to-day life, and this motivates our thorough and tireless defense of your case.

If you have already lost your case or even served your sentence, do not give up hope of a second chance. We represent clients seeking de-registration from the sexual offender registries.

Skilled Sexual Assault Defense Attorneys

In accusations of sexual assault against a minor, discretion and attention to detail are of utmost importance. From online sex crimes, including solicitation of a minor and child pornography, to more serious allegations of statutory rape and indecencies, we take the defenses others might shy away from.

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