Alameda County Criminal Defense Law Firm

California Attorneys Defend Rights of the Accused

Unfortunately, a criminal conviction can be life-altering; even allegations can have far-reaching negative consequences on your personal and professional life. If convicted, you face limitations to your freedom. For example, you can become ineligible for educational grants, food share, government housing and other assistance programs. In addition, even a minor conviction can be costly due to the “three strikes rule” from Proposition 57 in California. Fortunately, an Alameda County criminal defense law firm can mitigate your risk in a court of law.

You deserve the chance to fight the criminal charges against you. At Garcia, Schnayerson & Thompson, we handle criminal defense cases for crimes charged in California state and federal courts. Our Alameda County criminal defense law firm has over 40 years’ experience defending local Californians who have been accused of a crime. We represent clients throughout the Bay Area, from San Francisco to Oakland and Hayward to Dublin.

How We Build Your Defense

Law enforcement has vast resources that they can use against you in a criminal case. However, our Alameda County criminal defense law firm has the experience and tools to protect you. Through a detailed review of all evidence and witnesses involved in the case, we can uncover inconsistencies and build the strongest defense possible from facts and submitted evidence. For instance, if we uncover certain information when reviewing documents, then we may be able to have that evidence thrown out. In addition to scrutinizing evidence facts, we review all documents, reports and paperwork associated with your case. If there is an error in the police report or if your rights have been violated, then we can aggressively defend you.

We understand the stress you are under and the potential impact that the current charges have on your life. When other people have decided your guilt is a foregone conclusion, we will be by your side to defend your rights. Furthermore, our law firm can make sure that you are given a fair trial. No matter the type or severity of the criminal charges you face, we will prepare a solid defense to be heard by the judge and jury.

Our Dedicated Attorneys Handle a Wide Range of Criminal Charges in California

All criminal charges are serious. Therefore, you need a dedicated and experienced defense attorney. We handle all types of criminal defense issues ranging from DUI charges to murder charges. Whether you are facing allegations for a drug offense, a sex crime, or other crime, we can help. Our Alameda County criminal defense firm works to dismiss any criminal charges against you. Alternatively, if that is not possible, then we use our vast resources to try to reduce penalties.

Regrettably, criminal charges have the potential to tear a family apart. For example, emerging immigration issues have become a real concern. As a result, our California criminal defense lawyers stay up to date on changing regulations. If you have questions about how your crime can affect your legal status, we can help. Ultimately, we may be able to help you avoid a conviction that could lead to deportation.

Arrested for a Crime? Contact Our Criminal Defense Lawyer for a Free Consultation

Unfortunately, a criminal conviction can have a negative impact on almost every area of your life. Have you discovered that you are under investigation for a white collar crime? Do you have concerns that a police report is inaccurate or unfair? Questions about your rights after an arrest? Our Alameda County criminal defense law firm can help you mitigate risk. Law enforcement will use everything in their power to convict you. Thus, you face potential limitations to your freedom, employment and general future.

At Garcia, Schnayerson & Thompson, we know how difficult this time can be. As a result, our firm offers free and private consultations to discuss the charges against you. We recognize that our clients are innocent until proven guilty and that many circumstances have led to their charges. We provide a sophisticated defense to our clients facing these circumstances. To discuss your defense options contact Garcia, Schnayerson & Thompson online or call our offices at 510-782-7580.