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The attorneys at Thompson Garcia handle criminal defense for crimes charged in California state and federal courts. Our skill and decades of experience defending criminal cases have earned us recognition and respect as the premier criminal defense firm in the Bay Area, serving clients from San Francisco to Oakland and Hayward to Dublin. You can rely on us.

We recognize that our clients are innocent until proven guilty and that many circumstances have led to their charges. We provide a sophisticated defense to our clients in these circumstances. To discuss your defense with an experienced Hayward criminal defense attorney, contact Thompson Garcia online or call our offices at 510-782-7580.

Building Your Defense and Standing By Your Side

Through a detailed review of all evidence and witnesses involved in the case, we will uncover inconsistencies in the prosecution and have evidence thrown out that cannot legally be used against you.

We understand the stress you are under and the potential impact that the current charges have upon your life. When other people have decided your guilt is a foregone conclusion, we will be by your side to defend your rights, make sure that you are given a fair trial and prepare a solid defense to be heard by the jury.

Dedicated Attorneys Handling Drug Crimes and Other Charges: Alameda County

We handle all types of criminal defense issues ranging from DUI charges to murder charges. Whether you are facing charges for an alleged drug offensesex crime, or other crime, we can help you fight your charges and work toward a dismissal of the charges against you or, if that is not possible, reduced penalties.

When immigration issues are involved in your case, you can count on our experience in this area. We are skilled in methods to help you avoid deportation, and we will work tirelessly to help you remain in the country.

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To schedule a free and private consultation to discuss the charges being brought against you, contact Thompson Garcia online at 510-782-7580.